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From agents & mentors who've ACTUALLY been there, done that and built extremely successful real estate businesses using the most advanced online marketing strategies available today.

Who we are

For years Eric has helped agents level up with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads by focusing on generating quality leads online rather than tire kickers.

However, Eric understands that lead generation is just the first step. Any successful agent or team ultimately creates leverage through people, software or systems that work with your lead gen.

All our training is focused on creating & automating consistent, predictable online lead sources so that you can focus on taking appointments & converting your pipeline.

👉 Top Real Estate Marketing YouTube Channel

👉 Founder of a Leading Google Ads & Real Estate Lead Generation Agency

👉 Google Ads Consultant, Coach & Lead Generation Expert

👉 YouTube Consultant & Coach

👉 Co-Founder of the Collaborative Movement @ eXp Realty

👉 Co-Founder of Ready Real Estate Tutors Real Estate School


Jason has a value-based approach that has allowed him to outperform the market year after year. In his first year, Jason sold 135 homes. In 2020, he sold 450. Almost no other agent has done this in the history of our industry.

With just under $300,000,000 in Real Estate sales over the last 3.5 years Jason has reached the top echelon of Real Estate, matched by very few. Now, Jason spends his time coaching others towards the same success he has had.

👉 Top 0.01% of Agents in the World

👉 Founder & CEO of Sims Coaching Systems Real Estate Coaching

👉 Founder & CEO of Sims Real Estate Group

👉 Co-Founder of the Collaborative Movement @ eXp Realty

👉 Co-Founder of Ready Real Estate Tutors Real Estate School



Think about this… Most agents get into real estate with rose-coloured glasses, thinking the veteran agents at their brokerage are going to hold their hand and help them succeed. They think it will be a collaborative experience like other industries.

We all quickly learn that’s simply not true. We grow to understand it’s a dog eat dog, competitive world even within a single company.

So… We decided to create a movement that’s the most collaborative and exciting the real estate industry has ever seen. Instead of hiding our secrets, we’ve created a community of highly motivated agents and coaches willing to collaborate to help each other level up.

This is a place where we align in our core values and support each other's visions for success.


Ask yourself... Are you the smartest person in the rooms you hang out in? If you are, you’re probably hanging out in the wrong rooms.

We believe in working with like minded individuals who we align with us based on our values. No fluff, no ego, leave that at the door. Just real collaboration and value exchange with others that have an ABUNDANCE mindset. When you join the Collaborative Movement, you get to rub shoulders with several 7-figure agents and leaders in the industry every day of the week.

And... what if you could get all of this, completely free? No service fees, no coaching fee's, no desk fees, no royalty fees.

What if you could create passive income for yourself? Keep 80-100% of your commission? Maybe finally get off of the transaction hamster wheel and create the lifestyle you desired when you got into real estate?

What's in it for you?


Our value proposition is unmatched and very real.

Sim’s Real Estate Coaching w/ Jason

👉 Want to build a sustainable real estate practice and a retirement plan? Jason now does 450+ deals fully out of production and coaches agents on how to do the same. You just cant do that without strong systems.

Jason normally charges $1000/m for his coaching on how to scale your real estate practice leveraging online marketing. where you get to rub shoulders with other 7 figure giants from around the world.

Google Ads Management & Coaching w/ Eric

👉 Need help generating quality leads online? Eric manages over $100,000/month in online ad spend, and agents pay him big $$ to manage their campaigns.

Eric will coach you using his tried and true formulas for Google Advertising and can use his hands off, done for you Google Ads agency at 50% off. Jason's team sold 170 homes in 2020 directly from Google Ads alone. Jason will make sure you can convert these leads into real business.

Social Media & Digital Marketing Coaching w/ Eric

👉 Want to break into YouTube? Maybe grow your social media? YouTube is one of the best ways to build your real estate business organically today (And your eXp business), and social media is the new way to nurture your database.

Eric has quickly built a YouTube channel to over 10,000 subscribers and will teach you how to do the same through properly recorded, structured and edited videos that will get your audience trusting you, liking you and taking action

Business Plan Created WITH YOU by Jason's Team

👉 Need help setting up your business pillars and measurable activities? 

Real estate is a numbers game that’s dependent on the actions in a day you CAN control. 

We’ll get you set in the right direction with the same actionable 1 page business plan that Jason has used for 5 years.

Your Assistants Professionally Trained by Jason’s Assistant team
👉 Want to offload your administrative work, but worried about training an assistant properly while you're busy? 

Jason's assistant team is INVESTED in his coaching program, meaning his assistants host calls every week to train your assistants on handling a high volume of transactions efficiently.

Your Inside Sales Agents Trained by Jason’s Powerhouse ISA Team

👉 Eric will be generating so many leads for you, you may eventually want to hire an Inside Sales Agent to set up appointments for you.


Jason’s team will help you HIRE and TRAIN an ISA, and good one. Jason’s ISA team converts an industry best at 4% of online leads. A good agent does 1%, a great agent does 2%, some of the best ISA’s do 3-4%.

Access to Eric's Lead Generation Mastery Course

👉 Eric is all about online lead generation, and he has a robust course on how to effectively run Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing & YouTube ads. Eric will also guide you on how to create a thriving YouTube channel. 

With over 250 students, Eric normally sells this for $997 USD. It's yours, FREE.

Access to Jason's Lead Conversion Mastery Course

👉 Jason is all about building a sustainable real estate practice. Part of that is having a predictable & consistent pipeline of potential clients.

Jason's course will teach you how to monetize the lead generation Eric's team will execute for you. Again, This course also sells this for $997 USD. It's yours, FREE.

90-Day Sims Coaching
New Agent Training Program 

👉 New agent? Plan on bringing new agents into your team?

Lean on Jason’s 90-day program to train them for you and support your team's growth. Point your team members in the right direction from the get-go by giving them the tools they need to succeed, without fully relying on you to train them.

Access to Jason and I 1-1 when you need us for support
- When you come on board, you get both our phone numbers and calendars when you need us. If you don’t sell more real estate, we get 0 benefit. We’re here to support you 100% of the way as you grow. Our vested interest is helping you achieve your goals. This is why we called it the Collaborative Movement
$1000 value
Access to both Jason & Eric’s online self-study courses
- Have time to dive into our video libraries and content? You get access to our 100+ hour video library and both of our online courses (We sell them for $1,000 each). Eric’s is all about online lead generation, and Jason’s is all about online lead conversion and systems. They are yours, FREE.
$1000 value



You can then offer this to other agents and create passive income for yourself. Read on 👇

👉 That's over $3,000/m in value you can leverage 👈



Want to get off the real estate transaction hamster wheel? The eXp revenue share is very real. Attract agents to the company using everything we offer above and create a pension plan for yourself.

Yes, you get to give everything we offer you to anyone who joins the company with you and you get a big financial incentive for doing so. 


Most brokerages give you trophies for kicking a*$, eXp literally pays you back in stock your commission split (what you pay the company to operate) for doing well.

Jason and Eric will help you get to this point, become an ICON agent, and pay WAY less in fees so you can start building wealth.


Need a website/CRM that will help you generate and nurture leads? kvCORE will help you do just that.

You get your own for free. Generate nurture leads and leverage technology to maximize your business. This is just part of the tech package you get from eXp Realty.


eXp Facebook Workplace and eXp World provide a robust online private coaching community.

There are 50+ hours of weekly training and several support groups where we mastermind everyday. This is a place where we all love to share tips and tricks, message each other and get support.


Literal Help When You Need

It In eXp World.


The Most Training Available Of Any Brokerage.




That's $20,000+ In Annual Value Free...

On Top of Your Business Growth

We're all about quality & value.

💪 We are actively seeking motivated individuals who are looking to put their running shoes on and build a sustainable, productive real estate practice over the long term.

📈 If you want to make a 7-figure salary, build a team and exit production we can get you there. If you want to increase your production and work less hours, we can get you there.

🧠 All you need is the right mindset and work ethic. Everything else, we can teach. We’re selective because of how much time we invest into those who join us. 

👇 Want to meet us and hear from agents who took the plunge? KEEP GOING...

Case Studies
 Case Study #1: Bob Dawe

I've been a licensed Realtor since 1993, in Calgary, where I created a strong community presence, by doing monthly mail-outs, and bus benches. It took me several years to accomplish it, but eventually I was selling over 100 homes a year, consistently. Fast forward to 2018, where I find myself in White Rock, looking to start it all over again! Being the old dog, I started doing what I had done in the past, but with marginal results.

In early 2020 I met Eric Preston, and a lightbulb went off! Eric introduced me to online Lead Generation! Of course, I've had a website and have spent money on FB ads, but with little success, and I was always told to stay away from "Buying" leads.

Eric's fresh approach, and easy to follow guidance, gave me the confidence to make the big JUMP! Not only to pay for Google Ads, but eventually to eXp Realty, for many reasons beyond what Eric provides, but having Eric's service included made the leap that much easier to justify! Especially with the hundreds of leads he's generated for me.

Eric bundles his coaching and lead generation service (if you become an eXp agent under him) with Jason Simard, who's absolutely crushing it in Real Estate, while providing elite level coaching on Lead Conversion, which totally compliments what Eric does for me. 

 Case Study #2: Shyla Young

Eric & Jason have been instrumental in helping me successfully implement my new business strategy incorporating online leads. 

My website is now consistently generating high quality leads that are quickly turning into deals and this has all happened without me having to learn the ins and outs of online ad targeting. 

Thanks to the collaborative model, I am getting the benefit of Eric’s expertise in marketing and Jason’s coaching program to help me really level up my business, something that other agents pay thousands of dollars for, for free. 

It really speaks to the go giver nature of eXp agents, thanks to our network and the collaboration taking place within it, we are all fast-tracking our success as agents and entrepreneurs.


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